Build Your Career in Software Sales

Whether you would like to work for a leading SaaS company or in a startup, Software Sales University is the answer. By learning the Software Sales Methodology, you able to integrate the moving parts of software sales and can begin the path to career mastery.

As I decided to build a career in technology sales, I wanted to learn everything that I could about the profession, so I turned to the leading literature on selling. The issue that I encountered is that the majority of sales books were made for industries in the 20th century and were not tailored for a technology driven 21st century. According to Inc, if you look at the top sales authors/books of all time, not one has to do with software/technology sales.

From here, I set out to write a sales book specifically for the 21st century where the leading sales careers are in software/technology. The book that I would have wanted when first getting started.

This text is based upon the learnings from my career as an Elite Franchise Account Director and then a Midmarket Franchise AE at a leading publicly traded AdTech company.

It maps out the journey from a local AE working on single location SMBs to development of multi-location specialist skills and ultimately transitions to complex sales (mid-market and enterprise).

Whether your goal is simply to learn more about the software sales industry or master the tech sales process, this book will be immensely helpful and potentially life changing for you.

Ultimately, I ended up writing the book I could only have dreamed of when I initially first started building my technology sales career. As such, the book represents years of learning and growth. May the lessons contained in these pages save you time, energy & resources and allow you to build a long & successful career in technology sales.